Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Angelica Zambrano Mora and Catholic Resurrection Miracles

This is to compare Angelica Zambrano Mora's "Prepare to Meet Your God (23 Hours Dead)" experience and Catholic Resurrection Miracles.

These are the Numerous Resurrection Miracles in the Catholic Church

1) http://bit.ly/XKsNuw (Virgin Mary of Czestochowa)
2) http://bit.ly/uTHE9Q (St. Vincent Ferrer)
3) http://bit.ly/ZTLdD3 (Venerable Mariana de Jesus Torres of Quito, Ecuador)
4) http://bit.ly/ZTLiqq (St. Patrick of Ireland)
5) http://bit.ly/Ym1P7h (St. Francis Xavier)
6) http://bit.ly/17N5Tl9 (St. Francis of Paola)
7) http://bit.ly/ZiizjG (St. Anthony of Padua)

and many more...

Angelica claims that Devotion to Mary doesn't please her and breaks her heart.
And yet from the above, Our Lord was pleased to raise the dead through the people's devotion to Mary at Czestochowa.

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